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Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye West's Wardrobe Malfunction

Defending her man...


Kim Kardashian Explains Kanye West's Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo: JosiahW / Splash News

Kim Kardashian has cleared up the confusion surrounding her boyfriend Kanye West's embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The 'Way Too Cold' rapper was literally feeling the cold when he emerged from a car with Kim, with his leather trousers around his thighs. While some speculated the two had gotten up to no good, Kim says it was an innocent mishap.

"He was getting out of the car and his belt got pulled by this hook on the car door and he was trying to pull it up quicker ..and his belt was really heavy. It was a wardrobe malfunction," Kim said on E!'s Pop of Culture.

That explains it then! Relive Kanye's horror in the gallery below.

Kanye West's trousers fall down on date with Kanye West...


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