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Wiz Khalifa On Drugs Bust: 'It Happens'

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Wiz Khalifa On Drugs Bust: 'It Happens'

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Wiz Khalifa has addressed his recent arrest for marijuana possession, but doesn't appear to be too bothered about the incident.

The 'Work Hard, Play Hard' rapper was cited for carrying weed on his tour bus earlier this week, just before he was due to play a gig in Winston-Salem. It was his second arrest in ten days, after he was arrested for the same offence at a Holiday Inn.

When a Twitter user messaged him about his recent bust, Wiz replied: "Hey, it happens."

Another follower thanked him for visiting Winston-Salem and apologised for the way the police treated him, Wiz added: "They juss did their job."

Wiz's court date has now been set for July 27.

Guess he must be used to it!

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