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LIVE REVIEW: Mindless Behavior - IndigO2

Only managed a few songs...



LIVE REVIEW: Mindless Behavior - IndigO2

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/

You may have heard of the US group Mindless Behavior through their songs 'Girls Talkin' Bout,' 'Hook It Up,' and more popularly, their successful single 'Mrs. Right' featuring Diggy Simmons.

The band, comprised of four barely-into-their-teens boys - Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton - who famously combine their futuristic dress style with global pop-ready songs, are known for their army of female admirers, but it seems the lads weren't quite prepared for their London fans.

The group played their first London gig in the UK this week at the IndigO2 on Monday night (April 30) after performing in Birmingham and Manchester over the weekend.

As soon as Mindless Behavior appeared on stage five minutes later - dressed rather more casually in t-shirts and jeans rather than their usual eclectic attire - screams percolated the air, and not wasting any time, the boys hit it off with their first song 'My Girl.'

The crowd went crazy, and looking around the room all that could be seen were camera phones flashing in the air, banners with fans declaring their undying love to band , as well as a sea of heads bopping up and down to the music.

Mindless Behavior are known for their impeccable and high-energy choreography, and they certainly didn't let their fans down in that department, performing their syncronised moves with confidence, clearly determined to impress.

Their next song, 'Girls Talkin' Bout' certainly was a crowd pleaser, but it was their third number 'Mrs. Right,' which it seemed everyone was waiting for. As soon as the beat dropped for the song, excited screams could be heard throughout the venue as well as a chorus of voices echoing the lyrics to the song.

The boys seemed to enjoy the frenzied hysteria, and even whipped out their own phones to film the crowd as they performed, as well as pointing and waving to members of the audience. They were later joined by London rapper Chipmunk for a short surprise performance after their third song, before he quickly snuck back out.

However, the band had to cut short their set over safety fears for the audience, in which some girls had apparently gotten hurt during the performances.

It seemed some of the crowd were getting out of control, throwing water bottles on stage, and band member Princeton even had to urge the audience to stop pushing, asking the girls to ''take five steps back.'' It seemed a tad surprising, considering many parents were also present in the venue.

After 20 minutes on stage, Mindless Behavior managed just three songs on the night,  before being forced to end their show, with the DJ bidding the crowd a good night.

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