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Bruce Jenner Admits He Hasn't Met Kanye West

Was this a snub?


Bruce Jenner Admits He Hasn't Met Kanye West

Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Bruce Jenner has let it slip that he hasn't met his step-daughter Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye West.

The 'Way Too Cold’ rapper has been in a love tryst with the reality star for weeks until the pair made it public knowledge recently with a string of well orchestrated dates.

Including a highly publicised dinner date with the whole Kardashian clan — bar Bruce it now seems.

Bruce told The View yesterday: "Honestly, I've never met him. I haven't seen him at the house.”

"I just want Kim to be happy." "I hope she can find someone and be happy. That's what you want your kids to do."

Can it be that serious if Kanye hasn't met Bruce yet?

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