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Tameka Foster Admits In Court She Wanted To 'F**k Usher Up'

Baby mama drama...


Tameka Foster Admits In Court She Wanted To 'F**k Usher Up'

Photo: Anthony G. Moore / WENN

Tameka Foster has denied threatening to kill Usher in court and admits she only wanted to "f**k him up."

The singer's ex-wife cleared up the easily misinterpreted words while taking the stand in the couple’s custody battle over their sons.

When questioned by Usher’s attorney on her alleged threatening behaviour towards her ex and his new squeeze, she replied: “I did probably, out of anger, say ‘I will f**k you up.’”

Foster admitted the source of her outburst was due to the R&B superstar flossin’ his new girlfriend around town, which caused her “embarrassment” in such a tight-knit community.

The custody battle has reared some ugly accusations from both parties, with Foster claiming that Usher is a dead-beat dad who uses drugs.

Easy misunderstanding… In some corners of the world the two mean the same thing.

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