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Want To See Shakira Naked?

Well tough... star says she couldn't do it...


Want To See Shakira Naked?

Photo: WENN

Shakira has said that she won't ever be stripping naked because she has a strong Catholic heritage.

The 'She-Wolf' singer, who has worn teensy costumes that don't leave alot to the imagination said that she wouldn't be interested in getting naked at the moment, but later in life it might be on the cards.

She told Tagesspiegel: "I don't want to and I don't have to. I couldn't strip naked. Maybe when I'm 40 I will change my mind.

"Around ten years ago I couldn't imagine putting on a skin-tight body suit and high heels and dancing in a golden cage, hanging upside down from the bars. Today I'm saying I'll never show myself naked. Our opinions change all the time."

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