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Rita Ora 'Not Fazed' By Working With Beyonce

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Rita Ora 'Not Fazed' By Working With Beyonce

Photo: Kate Wooldridge /

Rita Ora has revealed that she is not scared or intimidated by Beyonce as she just sees her as "the boss' wife."

The 'R.I.P.' singer is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label and says that she often receives advice from Jay's wife Beyonce. While most would find it hard to talk around the superstar, Rita says she isn't fazed by the singer's fame and success.

"Beyoncé comes into the studio when I'm recording," Rita told Grazia magazine. "She's there for advice if I'm struggling with a lyric or concept of a song. But it's weird because, even though I love her, for me it's the boss' wife."

Rita is currently on the road to rivalling her Roc Nation labelmate Rihanna, whom she is often compared to.

Rita Ora performs for the first time in NYC...


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