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50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Girlfriends Reveal Secrets In Tell-All

Find out the gory details...


50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Girlfriends Reveal Secrets In Tell-All

Photo: Digital Creations / WENN

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriends have revealed incriminating details of their relationships with the stars in a tell-all interview.

Shaniqua Tompkin is mother of 50's 15-year-old son Marquise, while Josie Harris is mother to Floyd's three children. The welterweight boxing champ, who won his fight against Miguel Cotto last weekend, is gearing up to serve a prison sentence next month for assaulting Josie in 2010.

The ladies have sat down with, to dish out gory details from their years dating Floyd and 50.

Speaking of her relationship with 50, Shaniqua said: "It has its ups and downs. It’s a hard relationship to explain. He’s a bitter man, very bitter."

She also claims that the rapper is a bad father and hasn't seen his son in five months. "50 is a good provider, but a good father? No. He hasn’t been to one of his son’s games," she claims. "In fact, the last time he saw his son was December. When we were together he helped raise my daughter along with our son, but when we were finally over it all stopped. He was no longer a father to his son. He thinks financially providing equates to being a dad, but it doesn’t."

Shaniqua also alleges that Fiddy has been violent with her in the past, adding: "Yes. When he put his hands on me in front of my daughter is when I knew the relationship was over."

Despite his impending prison sentence, Josie says she has forgiven Floyd for attacking her: "Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a d***. I have forgiven him, I’m over it. I did my s***. I’ve hit him over the head with a Tonka truck."

She also believes that Floyd's fiance Shantel Jackson is in the relationship for the money. "Ms. Dade, as in Dade County, Florida, where she’s from (Shantel Jackson) is in it for the money," she claims.

"She is controlled. Let me tell you how crazy it all is… they just announced on the radio that they are getting married on my birthday! C’mon…he knows what he’s doing and what type of woman agrees to that?"

Do you believe anything these ladies have to say?

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