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WATCH! Nicki Minaj's Pepsi Commercial

You feeling her debut?


WATCH! Nicki Minaj's Pepsi Commercial


Nicki Minaj's long awaited Pepsi commercial is finally complete and hitting the airwaves with a vengance.

The Young Money Princess belts out a remixed rendition of her Pink Friday hit 'Moment For Life' in the commercial that encourages audiences to "live every moment."

An ordinary couple open up a can of pepsi and a whole new world unfolds for the bemused duo.

They are transported to a tomatoe-slinging festival before landing on a fashion runway.

The two eventually end up on stage, with Pepsi can in tow, to watch Ms Minaj work the crowd with her hit track.

With her global domination steamrolling ahead, what's next for hip-hop's golden girl?

Nicki Minaj Wears Outrageous 70s Style Outfit In London...



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