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Jermaine Dupri Takes Pitbull Song Request In Club For $130K


By Alicia Adejobi on Wednesday 9th May 2012 Photo by FayesVision/WENN.com

Jermaine Dupri left a Las Vegas club a very happy man when he received $130,000 for playing a song request.

The pint-sized producer was DJ'ing at Tryst nightclub at the Wynn Hotel in Sin City, when a rich man named Su Su began dropping large stacks of money. According to TMZ, Su Su paid $15,000 for a 15 litre bottle of Ace of Spade Rose champagne bottle, in addition to $40,000 on other bottles of alcohol.

Su Su's efforts did not go amiss by the club's managers, who asked Jermaine to give him a shout out on the mic. Jermaine was more than happy to oblige, but he went the extra mile and allowed the baller a song request.

When Jermaine played Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything,' Su Su stuffed $3,800 in his pocket as a tip.

Can we party with Su Su please! Is Pitbull worth that much?

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