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Monica: 'Missy Elliot Is Missing From Hip-Hop'

Do you agree?


Monica: 'Missy Elliot Is Missing From Hip-Hop'

Photo: Rick Davis / Splash News

Monica believes that Missy Elliott is missing from hip-hop and is needed to revive the scene.

Speaking to, the singer dished her views: "Missy is missing from music and hip-hop because there's no one as creative, as dedicated."

"She thinks outside the box, but at the same time, draws you in the box that she's in. She's able to make visuals of things that I've never even dreamed of. I think hip-hop really needs her right now."

After a much-missed hiatus from the rap game, Missy is gearing for her return with upcoming album New Life, which features the R&B songstress.

Speaking on the hotly anticipated album, Monica added: "I've heard some new music and all I can tell you is that Missy is at her absolute best when she's at peace with herself and there's no pressure."

"She's been able to work on her record with a host of real talented people and reinvent herself all over again."

Can't lie, the chick has a valid point. Do you agree?

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