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Lil Wayne: 'Kobe Bryant Has Inspired My Life'

Woah! What a compliment...


Lil Wayne: 'Kobe Bryant Has Inspired My Life'

Photo: Jlnphotography/

Lil Wayne has declared his love for Kobe Bryant claiming that he has inspired his life.

The 'How To Love' rapper has been good friends with the LA Lakers basketball player for some years, but many may not know just how close the two actually are.

"He's inspired not only songs, but he's inspired me in life in general just the way he attacks things, the way he never backs down, the way he fights through injury," Kobe told the Los Angeles Times.

"Not only do he fight through injury, and not only do he play through injury, he excel through injury. I take those type of things and I just apply them to my everyday life."

Kobe may not be inspirational to his estranged wife Vanessa, who filed for divorce last year after further claims of his infidelity.

Unlikely celebrity friendships...


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