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Monica 'Respects' Basketball Wives Cast

She could be the only one...


Monica 'Respects' Basketball Wives Cast

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Monica says she "respects" the cast of Basketball Wives for using the show as a platform to further their careers.

The 'It All Belongs To Me' singer is married to Phoenix Suns basketball player Shannon Brown, and while she insists her life is not like that of the cast of the hit VH1 show, she doesn't have any issues with the way they portray the life of a basketball wife.

"I respect the women on basketball wives because I think that that’s their truth," Monica told Hip Hollywood.

"It’s not different then if you take a group of men from a post office [or] you take a group of men from FEDex [or] the music industry; rappers, actors whatever and there will be different situations that may speak to each other and and some of their situations are more similar."

"Mines is totally different but I respect them because they use that show as a platform to do other things that they love; they own stores, they own cosmetics, they own so many different things."

"So I don’t have any issues with Basketball Wives at all because I think they are telling their truth. My truth is not like that. You know, my husband is very supportive. He is an amazing man because he is not afraid to be a man."

Do you agree with Monica? Do you respect the basketball wives for being who they are? 

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