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NEW MUSIC: Is Azealia Banks Biting Lil Kim's Style On 'Jumanji'?

Sounds strangely familiar...

By Richard Gilzene on Friday 11th May 2012 Photo by Twitter

Azealia Banks has just dropped 'Jumanji,' the first track from her upcoming summer mixtape Fantastic.

It's definitely a summer-ready joint, beatmakers Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook capturing Azealia's style perfectly with some playful production.

What stands out most though, is Azealia's delivery, which is different from anything we've heard on previous tracks like '212,' 'Liqourice' or 'L8R.'

In fact, it sounds incredibly similar to another New York-based femcee, one that Azealia has had a high-profile beef with in the past week. Intentional? Have a listen and decide for yourself.

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