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Kanye West Surprised Kim Kardashian At Toronto Jewellery Launch



Kanye West Surprised Kim Kardashian At Toronto Jewellery Launch


'Way Too Cold' rapper Kanye West can't get enough of the lady in his life as he flew north of the border to Toronto to surprise girlfriend Kim Kardashian at the Canadian launch of her jewellery line.

Kim, who was debuting her Belle Noel range, was later joined by surprise guest Kanye who arrived amid a frenzy of paparazzi at The Bay's flagship store on May 10.

"She (Kim) showed up and looked stunning," said one eyewitness to Life & Style magazine.

However, it may have been the Chicago rapper's appearance that really got the crowd buzzing.

"Everyone was so excited to see her. And then everyone went wild when Kanye West showed up. No one knew he was coming - it was a total surprise and everyone loved it. We were shocked and thrilled when he walked in."

"They look very happy together, very sweet. They’re the real deal for sure."

Could Yeezy be whipped? Not only has he shouted her out in a song, tweeted about her, lent her is car, the rapper has even hinted about putting her in a white dress in an upcoming song.

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