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Royce Reed Not Leaving Dezmon Briscoe After Cheating Scandal

Now that's loyalty!


Royce Reed Not Leaving Dezmon Briscoe After Cheating Scandal

Photo: Twitter/Royce Reed

Royce Reed has vowed not to leave boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe despite accusations of infidelity.

The Basketball Wives star was left humiliated after it emerged that Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Dezmon had been sending x-rated messages to his baby mother, Christina Nero. After Christina posted photos of the texts, Dezmon was forced to admit that he did indeed write the raunchy messages, and his relationship with Royce appeared to be hanging in the balance.

However, Royce now says she is standing by her man and isn't listening to outside noise telling her to quit.

"The situation is crazy and I understand why he did it, it was wrong as hell, but the fact is he never cheated on me," Royce told TT Torrez on iPower 92.1.

"I can't make her get over the fact that one, they were never together, and two, they're not gonna be together. There's no love lost because there was never any love gained, and I just feel like things got a little messy, and me responding to her got a little messy also."

"I'm not gonna leave Dezmon because of what the world thinks I should do. I love him, he loves me and it wasn't time to walk away. I'm not gonna leave him for the one thing he did wrong when there were so many other things he did right," she added.

That is what you call a loyal woman... but will she live to regret it?

Celebrity love triangles...


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