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DMX: 'I Appreciate Snoop Dogg's Love'

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DMX: 'I Appreciate Snoop Dogg's Love'

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DMX says he appreciates Snoop Dogg's love after the rapper agreed to feature on his new mixtape.

Dark Man X has released new EP Weigh In, his first collection of music since being released from prison in October. The effort appears to mark a positive change in the once controversial rapper, who says he is taking music more seriously.

"It's a good thing. I wish it was always like that but you can't really worry about what people think, what they say. I just gotta do me," he told MTV News.

"The focus is on taking the music seriously, as a job, and less trouble."

Speaking of the guest features on the EP, which include Tyrese, X says he is was most surprised by his collaboration with Snoop.

"I just happened to call Snoop [Dogg], while I was in the studio, he answered the phone, I sent him the joint, the next day I had it back - I appreciate the fact that the love is still there," he told the website.

"I look forward to working with more artists. I normally don't work with too many artists, but these have always been friends of mines."

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