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50 Cent's Ex Chelsea Handler Sparks Controversy Over 'Racist' Joke

Treading on hot water...


50 Cent's Ex Chelsea Handler Sparks Controversy Over 'Racist' Joke


American late night comedy talk show host Chelsea Handler loves a bit of controversy especially when it comes to racist jokes, so it would come as no surprise that she may be treading on a very thin line regarding her recent quips about black women.

On a recent episode of her Chelsea Lately show, Handler said:

"In particular I'm looking for a new black lady friend. I don't want to make it a racial thing, but the last black girlfriend I had, robbed me."

She then goes on to mock VH1's dating series Tough Love whereby a clip of a black female candidate is shown looking for a partner on the show, and is grilled by the show's host on her honesty. 

The host then says, "You're husband doesn't know you're on a dating show!" whereby the other fellow contestants looked shocked and gasp. 

The black contestant then responds non-plussed, 'Why does that matter?'' 

The clip then moves back onto Handler, who says to the audience, "This is what I'm looking for!"

Although it should be light-hearted humour, Handler may be taking it too far, and could offend viewers.

Are you offended by her jokes?

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