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Jay-Z Says Rita Ora's Energy Is 'Infectious'

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Jay-Z Says Rita Ora's Energy Is 'Infectious'


Rita Ora's buoyant optimism seems to have caught onto her boss and mentor Jay-Z, who believe's the British songstress's 'energy is "infectious.''

The music mogul signed the 21-year-old to his label and management company Roc Nation back in 2010, and hasn't looked back since, especially since Rita has just landed her first UK number one with her debut track 'R.I.P.'

This no doubt impressed the Brooklyn rapper, and he continues to be one of her biggest fans.

"She's one of the people that, if you were in the position, you say, 'I'm gonna help her get her dream out and then we'll see what happens,'" Jay-Z told MTV News.

"I think her energy is infectious, because out the gate, two #1s in London and she'll just continue to grow from there," he said. 

And Jigga hasn't forgotten where his protegee started from.

"She was the cool girl that worked in the sneaker store in the hood and everyone knew of her. She was just in there dreamin' and she just wanted it so bad," he described.

"You could just feel the excitement and the energy when she walks in the room, the room really changes. I know a lot of people say that and it gets to be cliché, but when she walks into a room, her energy picks you up."

We're sure she'll keep making him proud!

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