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POLL: Who's More Powerful - Beyonce Or Rihanna?

We'll let you decide...


POLL: Who's More Powerful - Beyonce Or Rihanna?

Photo: PNP/Apega/

Not only are they talented musically, beautiful, successfull and can boast serious bank balances, but these two ladies have also been ranked high in the recent 'World's Most Powerful Celebrities' list released by Forbes.

And yes, we can only be talking about Rihanna and Beyonce!

Out of the 100 superstars, bootylicious booty queen Beyonce ranks at number 16, whilst Bajan stunner Rihanna claimed the number 4 spot.

It seems like 2012 is doing good for 24-year-old Rihanna, who in recent months has had three singles in our top ten simultaneously, and has seen phenomenal demand for tickets for her Loud tour and gigs.

Not only is she in high demand and adored globally, the 'Birthday Cake' singer is young and still has a long career ahead of her. Her current ranking in the Forbes list only goes to show that her influence and popularity may only increase to match the standard of Texan babe Bey.

Meanwhile, 29-year-old Beyonce has an impressive status in her own right, but seems to be recently staying under the radar following the birth of her daughter Blue-Ivy, and just recently fired her dad as her manager.

But perhaps she is deserving of her recent quiteness on the music front, especially considering she has been in the music game for so long, has starred in a number of hit movies, won numerous prestigious awards, and let's not forget her womens' fashion line, House Of Dereon, a joint business venture she shares with her mother Tina Knowles.

Oh, and she sang for the Obama's during the January 2008 inaguaration. That's power right there right?

But yet while Rihanna is yet to score a number one LP or match Knowles' critical feats, the last several years have seen the pair pitted against each other, their sales scrutinised and compared, and the 'mentor/student' relationship allegedly thrown into disrepute.

Although both ladies share a connection - rapper Jay-Z, who first signed RiRi to Def Jam, and who is Beyonce's other half - it seems both singers have maintained their own power in the music industry.

Beyonce and Rihanna have equally impressive credentials to their names, but who in your opinon just edges over the other power-wise?

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