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Jay-Z Promises Jay Electronica LP Is 'Really Close'

'Act II' ready to hit shelves...


Jay-Z Promises Jay Electronica LP Is 'Really Close'


New Jay Electronica music has been a little thin on the ground recently, but his Roc Nation label boss Jay-Z has promised the New Orleans rapper/producer's debut is on the horizon.

Fans have been waiting on Electronica's Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) LP even since before the 35-year-old signed to Roc Nation, and last word anyone had on the project was a brief tweet in March confirming work was done and the album was being turned in.

However, Hov has raised anticipation levels again by revealing to MTV the new work is 'very close' to hitting shelves and the lyrics are 'scary good'.

Watch the interview below and listen to the two Jays' collaboration 'Shiny Suit Theory', which is expected to appear on Act II.

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