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Lil Kim Reveals Estranged Father Has Alzheimers, Now Cares For Him

Coping with sad news...


Lil Kim Reveals Estranged Father Has Alzheimers, Now Cares For Him

Photo: Aaron D. Settipane/WENN

Lil Kim's explosive interview with Power 105.1 yesterday drew more headlines over her ruthless attack on Nicki Minaj but the Queen B also revealed some personal sadness, explaining how she now cares for her sick father.

The rap legend has moved her pops into her home to look after him as he battles with Alzheimer's disease. The situation is all the more painful for Kim considering the pair were estranged for years.

"People around me know I do good. Mom lived with me until I went away. She’s now in Delaware. My father had ex-wife troubles. Also health issues. He shakes. Spills coffee and food. We have to cook for him, pour his juice. His sickness wasn’t diagnosed, but it’s a small case of Alzheimer’s," she revealed.

"I know about ‘Honor Thy Father and Mother.’ My father and I were estranged, but I’ve taken him in. He lives with me."

"I’m very blessed. I live in New Jersey. Every day I give blessings. I know God’s helping me."

During the interesting interview, Kim confirmed that Faith Evans caught her in bed with Biggie Smalls, and also explained how her beef with Nicki Minaj began.

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