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Beyonce Shows Off Sense Of Humour In Rare Footage

Can we see this more often?


Beyonce Shows Off Sense Of Humour In Rare Footage


Beyonce demonstrates her competitive side in a rare humourous black and white video from her Tumblr site which was filmed years ago. 

The pop megastar takes us through the steps of pool etiquette by starting with psyching out your opponent by "talking smack" (''He not too good at nothing, so I can play him''), followed by Bey gloating after beating her friend in the game ("It does not matter boo I whooped you'') and finally stating to always be a gracious winner, by finishing it off with a victory dance.

After her 'victory' the 'Run This World' singer can be seen repeatedly asking "What? Did I win? Did I win? Did I win?" to her opponent as she skips around the pool table in the short clip.

Can we see this side of Bey more often?!

Have a peek at the clip below...

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