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Trey Songz Hosts Exclusive Listening Party In London For 'Chapter V'

And we were lucky enough to go!


Trey Songz Hosts Exclusive Listening Party In London For 'Chapter V'

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Trey Songz hosted an exclusive listening party in London last night for his upcoming album Chapter V, and TaleTela were lucky enough to attend.

The R&B crooner invited some of us lucky ones to Home House in central London where he gave us a private listening to six tracks that will be featuring on his forthcoming fifth studio album. 

It's been a year since Trey released his smash hit last LP, Passion, Pain, Pleasure, so it's no surprise to see his enthusiasm for sharing his music for the first time. Trey gives us a look at a video he made collated with footage from his last tour, giving an insight into the wild atmosphere at his shows.

One particularly touching clip, shows an overwhelmed little girl brought to tears after getting to meet her idol backstage, emphasising the enormity of Trey's fanbase. And it's a fanbase that has grown considerably in the space of just a shot few years, and just in case we've forgotten just how popular Trey is, we're given a run down of the staggering figures from his manager.

More than 4 million followers on Twitter, 12 million likes on Facebook, girls screaming his name as he enters London via Heathrow airport. "And don't forget Instagram," Trey shouts out. Yes, he is incredibly the 13th most followed person on the growing photo site.

It's no surprise that Trey's under pressure to make Chapter V his best album yet. Although judging from the six tracks we heard, his loyal fans will no doubt be all over this record.

So, what can you expect?

Of course, Trey begins the session with 'Heart Attack,' the Kelly Rowland featuring instant smash hit, that will no doubt soar to the top of the R&B Billboard charts. You know all about this track - and the steamy video, so we'll leave it there.

'2 Reasons' featuring T.I. is the next track, and while it boasts an infectious dance beat, it is certainly the least impressive track of all six. The repetitiveness makes it guilty of almost sounding like all the other generic club bangers out there, and Tip's verse was hardly noticeable. Definitely one we'll be skipping.

'Swimming' - A Trey Songz album wouldn't be complete without a seductive track laced with naughty innuendos and this number will surely be played in a lot of bedrooms at a particular hour. Trey will definitely be swimming and "diving in" somewhere, but it's not where you think... Ladies, prepare to be left a little hot under the collar.

'Without A Woman' - Without a doubt the strongest of all the songs, Trey's vocals seem to have improved drastically since the last LP and his high notes will have your spine-tingling. Possibly what makes the track more sentimental is the fact that Trigga tributes the likes of James Brown and Stevie Wonder for making it possible for him to sing songs celebrating women. As he says, "A man ain't nothing without a woman." And he ain't wrong!

For those of you who gave Trey the benefit of the doubt and thought he went home to sleep after every concert, you're silly. Because of course, he's a young, good looking guy and has nights when he and his crew invite beautiful ladies back to their room. And allow them to do whatever they like. 'Ladies Go Wild' was a track made just for this purpose - to allow ladies to let loose. The bass-heavy track does sound a little like something Usher would record, but as always Trey manages to reel it back and put his stamp on it. The dubstep break towards the end also demonstrates Trey's willingness to experiment with new things without overstepping the mark.

Last but not least comes the most important record of his career, 'Simply Amazing.' A nice track, that again, shows Trey's diversity and talent to be able to switch from baby-making tracks, to club bangers to classic R&B.

Chapter V is currently without a release date due to Trey perfecting what will no doubt be the biggest record to date. Sitting in the small room in Home House, Trey's genuine passion and love of his craft is refreshing to see in an industry littered with generic robotic artists.

From the six tracks previewed last night, Trey has really grown into the artist he wants to be while staying true to his roots and that classic R&B sound that is near enough extinct.

Oh, and the Chapter 5 specially-made cocktails were delish!

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