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Michael Ealy Says He Doesn't Have Game: 'I Can't Lie To Women'

Just when he couldn't get more amazing...


Michael Ealy Says He Doesn't Have Game: 'I Can't Lie To Women'

Photo: Ivan Nikolov/

Michael Ealy has says he finds it hard to talk to women initially as he doesn't have game.

Despite starring in box office topping rom-com Think Like A Man, the handsome blue-eyed actor reveals he isn't armed with game like most men and has to be himself.

"I've never had game. I have partners who can talk to any woman and get comfortable like that," he told GlobalGrind.

"I don't know what they say but they just have the gift of the gab. That has never worked for me, I can't come up to you and be phony. I don't have to bulls**t you."

Michael was recently linked to his Think Like A Man co-star Taraji P. Henson, but the rumours were squashed.

Of course, Michael doesn't need game because his looks speak for themselves!

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