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Chaka Khan Fasted For Four Months To Get THAT Body!

It paid off!


Chaka Khan Fasted For Four Months To Get THAT Body!

Photo: Nikki Nelson /

Chaka Khan has revealed she fasted for four months in order to lose weight.

The 59-year-old legendary singer unveiled the incredible results of her weight loss regime on Wednesday night at the American Idol season 11 finale, and wowed the audience with her new slim figure. 

Chaka reveals that while she looks great now after shedding 60 pounds, it wasn't an easy journey and she had to take drastic measures to get results.

"I started out fasting... for four months. I did nothing but liquids; me and my VitaMix were best friends," Chaka told Access Hollywood.

"In the morning I'd have a high protein smoothie and in the afternoon I'd have a vegetable smoothie and in the evening I'd have another protein smoothie."

It was certainly worth it! Check out the pics of Chaka's weight loss below...

Chaka Khan unveils weight loss results at American Idol...


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