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Bobby Brown Forced To Come Clean On Drug Use With Children

Time to 'fess up!


Bobby Brown Forced To Come Clean On Drug Use With Children

Photo: SWAP / Splash News

New Edition singer Bobby Brown has revealed how he was forced to sit his children down and open up about his drink and drug troubles as they came of age, because he didn’t want them believing everything they read in the media.

The father of five has struggled with addiction issues and has been arrested numerous times on charges including drink driving.

But the 43-year-old insists he did his best to keep his personal battles a secret in a bid to protect his kids.

During a candid interview with three of his grown up children on U.S breakfast show Today (which aired on Friday 25 May), the singer said,

"You don’t subject children to things that you don’t want ‘em to be around."

The 'My Prerogative' hitmaker initially succeeded – his son Landon admits he was ‘’completely oblivious’’ to any of his dad’s vices.

But as Brown’s children grew older, the star knew he had to come clean so they’d be prepared to handle the media.

His daughter LaPrincia explained,

‘’When things came out (in the press) about drugs, maybe he didn’t tell me what drug he might have been doing, but, when it did come out in the media, he did sit me down and said listen, ‘I did (do drugs)’. I think he said marijuana…but he did let me know that it was something he was in the wrong for, that he had done, and that he was gonna try to get better. And that’s all you can really hope for.’’

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