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Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian To Be More Adventurous

Hip hop mogul turned fashion guru?


Kanye West Tells Kim Kardashian To Be More Adventurous

Photo: Brock Miller / Splash News

They’ve only been together a few months, but rumour has it that Kanye West has been giving 31-year-old girlfriend Kim Kardashian fashion advice, perhaps hoping to transform his girlfriend from reality TV belle to Hollywood power player.

A source said,

‘’Kanye has been having chats with Kim about her style.

‘’He thinks she should be more like him, edgy with her choices. He keeps saying she should ‘evolve’ as a fashion icon.

‘’Kanye says she plays it safe too much so has been trying to pick outfits for her to wear and encourage her to be more daring.’’

But should Yeezy really be giving Kim advice, considering she’s modelled, has grown up surrounded by fashion conscious sisters as well as running a clothing and accessory range?

It seems the music mogul has been encouraging Kim to wear pieces from his DW collection, even telling her he only likes to see ‘’his women’’ in white, black, or grey. Yikes.

The couple were in Cannes this week for the premiere of Kanye’s new motion picture Cruel Summer.


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