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Trey Songz Admits 'Wishing' He Was Dating Kelly Rowland

You never know Trigga!


Trey Songz Admits 'Wishing' He Was Dating Kelly Rowland

Photo: Youtube

Trey Songz has denied recent rumours that he is dating Kelly Rowland, but says he wishes they were together.

The crooner recently released the music video for his new single 'Heart Attack,' which stars Kelly as his leading lady, fuelling rumours that they are romantically involved.

However, while he claims they aren't together, Trey did gush about the stunning singer exclusively to TaleTela.

"It's definitely platonic, I wish it wasn't. She's amazing and I joke around with the idea of that, but all in all she's such an amazing friend," he told us.

"When she steps into a room, she makes the whole room glow, and she just has a spirit about her that she's really kind and she's always the same person everytime you meet her."

Sounds like Trey's a little bit smitten! Do you think they'd make a hot couple?

Check out the rest of his answer below...

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