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Beyonce Invites Kim Kardashian To Dressing Room At Revel Concert

Finally approves!


Beyonce Invites Kim Kardashian To Dressing Room At Revel Concert

Photo: Twitter/Brittany Gastineau

Beyonce appears to have finally given Kim Kardashian the seal of approval by inviting the reality star backstage at her Revel concert.

Kim, who is currently dating Beyonce's best friend Kanye West, attended the show with close friend Britanny Gastineau and the pair were given the luxury treatment, being taken to Bey's dressing room to meet the crew.

"Just walked backstage through Beyonces dressing big deal....haha..surreal moment," Brittany tweeted last night.

Kim posted a photo of her and Brittany watching the show and quoted one of Bey's famous lyrics in the caption: "All I need in this life of sin is me & my girlfriend."

Meanwhile, Brittany got a little snap happy and posted several pics from their behind-the-scenes tour, including photos with Beyonce's dancers and live band.

Reports have circulated since Kim went public with her romance with Kanye, claiming that Beyonce refused to meet the reality star due to the controversy surrounding her past and claim to fame.

After meeting Kanye's other best friend Jay-Z in London recently - see photos below - it looks as though Kim is finally in the fold.

Kim K parties in London with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rita Ora, Jay-Z and more...


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