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Evelyn Lozada: 'I Miss Jennifer Williams'

missing her ex BF


Evelyn Lozada: 'I Miss Jennifer Williams'

Photo: Johnny Louis/

Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada has admitted to missing her former BF Jennifer Williams.

In a candid interview with Vibe magazine the reality star revealed her true feelings about the beef.

“A lot was happening during that time. I’m one of those people, I said some things and I was just like, that was not cool,” she said.

“I live by loyalty and I feel like, at that point, I broke the friend code.”

Then admitting: “I miss her. We were friends for 10 years."

"I was in her wedding, so you know yeah, and your thinking you guys are going to do this show together, your BFF, and then your kind of like what happened?”

“And we are mutual friends with a lot of people, so everything else became weird energy. It was tough.”

Do you think the two will reconcile once Jennifer gets word of Evelyn’s feelings?

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