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Beyonce Wins Leading Role In Animated Movie 'Epic'

Putting that voice to work...


Beyonce Wins Leading Role In Animated Movie 'Epic'

Photo: Andres Otero/

Beyonce has signed on to star alongside a host of A-list Hollywood talent in a new animated film Epic.

Bey has already earned her acting stripes in seven big screen flicks so far, including the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls, but the new 3D CGI animation will be her first attempt at voice acting.

Details on the plot are a little thin on the ground, but a press release outlines the story of a teenage girl transported to a secret world who has to fight to save both the magical world and her own.

Beyonce will lend her voice to the role of Queen Tara, while Pitbull, Steven Tyler and Jackass' Johnny Knoxville have also signed on to the project.

We can guess what Blue Ivy's favourite DVD will be in a few years time...

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