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Tameka Foster: 'Usher & I Do Not Hate Each Other'

Sure seems like you do!


Tameka Foster: 'Usher & I Do Not Hate Each Other'

Photo: Dominic Chan/

Tameka Foster has attempted to play down the animosity between her and ex-husband Usher, claiming they do not hate each other.

The former stylist to the stars is currently in the midst of a bitter custody battle with the 'Climax' singer over their two young sons, Usher Raymond V and Daviyd Ely. Stories of infidelity and abuse have emerged from their ongoing court case, but Tameka insists their relationship is not as frosty as it appears.

"I did not start this. I did not file this. Usher did. I begged him to withdraw the petition, but he didn't listen. The media jumped on my answer to his petition for custody as if I initiated it, and I did not," Tameka told

"Why would I try to keep his children away from him? We have joint custody and I want to continue to have their father around to help out. Raising children is a lot of work."

When asked if they are enemies, Tameka replied:

"We're not. But people still find a way to make it more salacious than it has to be. I don't know how he deals with it, but I refuse to let the media manipulate what should be a personal situation and turn me into the villain."

Sounds like Tameka may be indenial about the hating thing... What do you think?

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