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WATCH! Tupac Confesses To Assaulting 'Menace II Society' Directors On MTV

Classic footage...


WATCH! Tupac Confesses To Assaulting 'Menace II Society' Directors On MTV

Photo: MTV

As part of the upcoming documentary on the pioneering hip-hop music show Yo! MTV Raps, footage has been re-released of Tupac Shakur's on air meltdown which wound up with the late rapper being hit with a 15 day prison bid.

Pac hit Yo! MTV Raps in 1993 to speak on a rumoured altercation between himself and Menace II Society directors the Hughes Brothers, after the filmakers fired him from the production (Tupac was originally cast as Sharif Butler) for causing trouble on set.

Although the incident had never been proved, Tupac offered all the proof necessary to get hit with an assault charge when it admitted the attack on camera.

"They fired me but did it in a round about punk snitch way. So I caught them on the streets and whipped their behinds," a riled up Pac told host Ed Lover. "I was a menace to the Hughes Brothers and it ain't over."

The show footage was later used as evidence in the assault charge that inevitably followed and the West Coast icon's outburst earned him 15 days in jail.

Watch the classic footage below...


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