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Peter Rosenberg Refuses To Apologise To Nicki Minaj!

Do you think he should?


Peter Rosenberg Refuses To Apologise To Nicki Minaj!

Photo: FayesVision/

Peter Rosenberg has refused to apologise to Nicki Minaj over comments he made about her music.

The Hot 97 DJ sparked outrage over the weekend when he described Nicki's dance track Starships as not "hip-hop" and "bulls**t," forcing Lil Wayne to pull her out of headlining the Summer Jam concert.

Of course, Nicki's Barbz have requested that Peter apologise for his comments about the Young Money princess, but he sticking to his guns.

"I'll never go back on that. Why would I apologise? Do you know how many worse things I've said than that?" Peter said during his show.

Nicki somewhat agrees with Peter as she has said she doesn't want an apology; meanwhile Lil Kim lashed out at the rapper for being scheduled to perform alongside Foxy Brown at the event before she cancelled her appearance.

Do you think Peter should apologise for his comment? Do you agree with him?

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