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Nas Addresses Putting Kelis Wedding Dress On Album Cover

Waiting for her call


Nas Addresses Putting Kelis Wedding Dress On Album Cover

Photo: DJDM/

Nas has revealed the reason for including Kelis’ wedding dress on his upcoming album, Life Is Good.

The rapper unveiled the cover art for his tenth studio album, featuring himself sitting on a deluxe leather sofa with the singer’s infamous emerald green Matthew Williamson gown draped over his knee.

In an interview with, Nas explained the controversial album cover as: "Life, love, joy, anger, celebration. There’s so many things you can see on that album cover. You see my life. My life is on that album cover."

Adding he hasn't heard from ex-wife Kelis: We just put it out, so it's still way too fresh." Before admitting he expects a phone call "eventually at some point."

The Queensbridge rhymer’s highly anticipated album, which includes the singles ''Nasty'' and ''Daughters'', hits stores on July 17.

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