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Lawyer Claims Drake Took $30k Rolex Seen On 'Take Care' Album Cover

Another lawsuit...


Lawyer Claims Drake Took $30k Rolex Seen On 'Take Care' Album Cover

Photo: Young Money Entertainment

A New York laywer has filed a lawsuit claiming Drake has his $30,000 diamond-encrusted, rose-gold Rolex Presidential.

James McMillan says he took the watch to get cleaned at a jeweller in midtown Manhattan last year - but when he returned to pick it up, staff told him it had been sold to the Canadian rapper.

However, according to TMZ, Drizzy has has hit back, claiming he already has a rose-gold Rolex - which he's wearing on the glittering cover of his latest album Take Care - which he bought direct from the Swiss watchmakers themselves.

Jeweller Rafaello & Co., who have previously done work for Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys deny McMillan's claim.

The Young Money star had to fight off another lawsuit claim two weeks ago after he and label boss Lil Wayne were sued for $400,000 for apparently bailing out of a concert appearance last year.

Drake Looks Miserable Greeting Fans In Manchester...


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