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Solange Knowles' Hair Evolution In Pictures!



Solange Knowles' Hair Evolution In Pictures!

Photo: Judy Eddy/

Solange Knowles, perhaps better known as the younger sis of R&B superstar Beyonce, has held her own over the last couple of years, not only for her eclectic and bold fashion statements and music, but for her various hairstyles.

Since chopping off her tresses back in 2009, she's living proof that natural hair can be versatile, having experimented with everything from afros and braided-up dos to soft feminine waves. This girl has done it all.

The DJ and fashion icon also revealed to InStyle back in April last year that she doesn't trade hair tips with her famous sister Beyonce either.

"I went through my Cleopatra, Janet Jackson phase not too long ago—old Janet when she had the big, thick braids. Then I felt like, ‘I’m done with this. I think I’m going to rock a fro.’ All of it is still a reflection of me and where I’m at.''

It's no wonder that it has transformed her into a natural hair icon, however, just recently, the fashion-forward Knowles made headlines for hitting back at critics who she labelled the 'Natural Hair Police,' for criticising her hair on her Instagram account.

And although the 25-year-old has announced that she won't let critics faze her, she has also been applauded by women around the world for making the move to sport her natural hair, and embrace it.

TaleTela takes a closer look at Solange's hair evolution over the years, and have created a timeline of her best hair moments...

Solange Knowles' Hair Evolution In Pictures...


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