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Tracey Edmonds To Produce Deion Sanders' Reality Show

Mixing business with pleasure?


Tracey Edmonds To Produce Deion Sanders' Reality Show

Photo: Joseph Marzullo/

Tracey Edmonds is planning to turn Deion Sanders into a household name by producing a fly-on-the-wall show that will document his life.

It seems the beautiful producer has no problems mixing business with pleasure after recent rumours having been swirling that the two have hooked up.

Fuelled by Sanders toting Edmonds to red carpet events and allowing her to attend his son's graduation ceremony

A source has revealed that the reality show will center around the NFL analyst's coaching duites to his football team at Prime Academy, as well how he is adjusting to life as a single parent in light of his split from estranged wife Pilars.

The duo are working with a major television studio and the show will be officially announced in the next few weeks.

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