by Shanelle Friday | Photos by V Labissiere / Splash News

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PHOTOS: Make-Up Free Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym

Keeping that body tight


PHOTOS: Make-Up Free Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym

Photo: V Labissiere / Splash News

A make-up free Kim Kardashian was spotted hitting the gym for a grueling morning workout.

Rocking an au-naturel look, Kim proved that she can still cut it as a sex symbol without the war paint.

Last month the reality vixen's stylist revealed that Kanye West is a fan of the natural look and wants her to adopt a more toned-down look similar to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

In her sports gear, Kim K showed of the results of her gym efforts, wearing leggings that accentuated her gravity-defying rear, capping off her cool workout gear with fluorescent trainers.

Check out the gallery to see the fitness fanatic hit the gym.

Make-Up Free Kim Kardashian Hits The Gym...


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