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Floyd Mayweather Blasted By Judge For Refusing Prison Food

Denied early release...


Floyd Mayweather Blasted By Judge For Refusing Prison Food

Photo: Splash News

Floyd Mayweather has been denied an early release from prison after claiming his health is at risk.

The welterweight champion began his three-month prison stint at the beginning of this month after being convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. After just two weeks incarcerated, Floyd's lawyers requested that the boxer be released early claiming the prison food and water are putting his health at risk.

However, Floyd's hopes of an early release have been dashed by Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa in a Las Vegas court, who claimed he has been turning down the food and water that is available 24 hours a day.

"While the physical training areas and times provided to (Mayweather) may not be consistent with his prior regimen, he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses," Saragosa said.

Does it sound like Floyd is making excuses just to get out?

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