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Beyonce's Revel Concert Backstage Secrets Revealed!

Find out what Queen Bey's like...


Beyonce's Revel Concert Backstage Secrets Revealed!


Being one of the world's biggest divas, most would expect Beyonce to have many demands and requirements that must be met when she is on tour.

Luke James, an R&B newcomer and the opening act for Beyonce's recent Revel concert series in Atlantic City, says that the singer is actually "down-to-earth" and made sure her entire crew were "comfortable."

"Beyoncé stays in a white-lace room. It’s very Zen," Luke told Life & Style magazine.

"The walls have white lace curtains, and there are white roses, too. It’s beautiful and very relaxing. Beyoncé made it comfortable for me and my crew."

"She’s just really cool and down-to-earth."

Bey is currently in Europe supporting Jay-Z on his Watch The Throne tour with Kanye West. Check out pics of the group arriving in Dublin below.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian arrive in Dublin...


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