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The-Dream Weighs In On Pusha T & Lil Wayne: 'Beef Is So 1996'

Producer wants money over BS...


The-Dream Weighs In On Pusha T & Lil Wayne: 'Beef Is So 1996'

Photo: Johnny Louis/

The-Dream has opened up on the simmering battle between Lil Wayne and Pusha T, dismissing rap beefs in general as pointless and outdated.

The R&B super-producer worked on Pusha's apparent Young Money diss 'Exodus 23:1' but says rappers should concentrate on winning via their bank accounts instead of wasting time taking direct shots at each other.

"The only way that we can respond is make great records, and nobody is gonna beat me at that," The-Dream told MTV News.

"If you're talking to somebody, you speak to them or you just walk up to them and slap them."

"I think beef is so '96. It's like, what's the point? I don't think anybody is actually that good enough to direct anything at anyone. You can't take that much time, there's too much money in the words that either one of us have - me or Pusha - to direct directly at anyone."

Lil Wayne's History Of Beef In Pictures...


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