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Love & Hip-Hop's K. Michelle & Karlie Redd Locked In Twitter Beef

It's poppin off!

By Alicia Adejobi on Thursday 21st June 2012 Photo by Twitter

Love & Hip-Hop stars K. Michelle and Karlie Redd may be the new rebels of the show after the two fired shots at each other in a Twitter beef.

The feud started when Karlie retweeted an offensive comment made about K. Michelle by another user, but Karlie says she only shared the comment because the Twitter user claimed to be a fan of hers.

"@kmichelle I retweeted cuz she says she @TeamKarlieRed But now u wanna go there it's on!! At least I can get a man NO BODY WANTS U HORSE!" Karlie wrote defending her decision to retweet the comment.

"@Kmichelle Yep I'm a C*m Snatcher cuz both my men love me!!! u cudnt get a CRum Snatcher even if u tried!! That's why ur last man beat u," she added.

@KARLIEREDD you can say whatever bout me, but a woman that doesn't claim her own child and wears beauty supply store jewelry isn't worth it," K. Michelle wrote.

"@kmichelle U shoulds jus called me! Its on! U shoulda told Ya label to buy u a new Face too and Better Pussy jus maybe I will lend u my man," continued.

K. Michelle replied but took it one step further by blaming Karlie's supposed drug use on the reason her children were taken away from her.

"@KARLIEREDD You are a mother who child services took ur daughter because of drugs an no stable home. U my friend are pathetic."

"@KARLIEREDD No one is perfect but the fact u continue to do drugs and come out high is not cool. Don't fight me fight to get ur child back."

It isn't known if K. Michelle replied to the accusations as both ladies deleted the tweets.

Who was in the wrong in this argument?

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