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Nas Shouts Out Kelis On Tim Westwood: 'She's An Amazing Woman'

Look who's matured!


Nas Shouts Out Kelis On Tim Westwood: 'She's An Amazing Woman'

Photo: PNP / WENN

Nas surprised radio listeners last week when he praised his ex-wife Kelis as an amazing woman.

The 'Daughters' rapper went through a messy divorce from the Milkshake singer in 2009 and he was forced to pay a large sum of monthly child support for their son Knight. Nas recently released the artwork for his forthcoming album, Life Is Good, on which he can be seen holding Kelis' green wedding dress.

Despite the seemingly bitter dig at his former spouse, Nas told Tim Westwood on his 1Xtra show that he has moved on from the split.

"Money was never a thing. Money is money, it’s material. Love is real. Money isn’t," Nas said in reference to the hefty child and spousal support he was forced to pay over.

"At the end of the day, that didn’t matter. It wasn’t like she came at me like that. The way it came out in public was like that. It just went wrong in a lot of areas."

He even went on to give Kelis a shout out, adding: "Shout out to Kelis. She’s an amazing woman and that’s the mother of my child and she’s great and everything is good."

Despite one failed marriage, Nas says he is open to walking down the aisle again if he finds the right person.

"I still will marry again. If I get hit by that love, I’ll still do it again. It’s just life. You live and learn and you grow," he admitted.

Sounds like The Don has matured! Watch part of his interview with Tim below... 

Nas and Kelis' Relationship In Pictures...


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