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Wiz Khalifa Hits Back At Criticism Of Lola Monroe

Defends his Taylor Gang artist...


Wiz Khalifa Hits Back At Criticism Of Lola Monroe

Photo: Apega/

Wiz Khalifa has defended his Taylor Gang artist Lola Monroe against critcism she has received for her rapping abilities.

The former video vixen was signed to Wiz's label imprint last year, causing surprise and questions as to what musical talent she actually has. Many accused Wiz of signing Lola based on her pretty looks and voluptuous curves to rival Young Money's Nicki Minaj.

However, Wiz insists there is a raw quality to Lola that motivated his decision to sign her.

"I just seen her hunger, and her vibe and her energy just seemed really unique. A lot of people don't have that in the game. I like people with untapped resources," Wiz told TaleTela.

"She has her own story and her own struggle and a way of saying things to her people that I can't even do it that way."

'Young, Wild & Free' rapper Wiz also admits that she still has a way to go to improve her craft.

"Everybody's a working progress, I remember when I first started. I don't feel like she's lacking anything, I think people just get so used to not appreciating something. They don't want to be the first to appreciate it," he said.

Watch Wiz defend Lola Monroe in the clip below...

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