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Nia Long Shoots Down Engagement Rumours Despite Ring

No hurry to wed


Nia Long Shoots Down Engagement Rumours Despite Ring

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Nia Long has revealed that marriage is not a 'priority' for her right now, and she is in rush to get married to boyfriend Ime Udoka.

The 41-year-old spoke candidly to Essence magazine and revealed she has no plans on the horizon to tie the knot, despite being spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

"Marriage is not a priority for me," she told the publication. "I'm not saying I'll never do it; it's just not where we are as a family."

"I'll be at home with my man, having a perfectly loving time, and I'll see all these comments on some site about how wrong I am for not being married."

"I don't feel less loved or less loving because I'm not married."

The 'Are We Done Yet?' actress, who gave birth to baby Kez eight months ago, also divulged that motherhood has made her more mellow:

"I'm a lot calmer," Nia explained. "Less clingy and demanding. When Ime [boyfriend] has to be gone for long stretches at a time, I took it as an opportunity to nest."

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