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Nicole Murphy Shocked When Eddie Murphy Stopped Paying Child Support

Stopped like clockwork at 18...


Nicole Murphy Shocked When Eddie Murphy Stopped Paying Child Support

Photo: Doug Meszler / Splash News

Hollywood Exes star Nicole Murphy and Sheree Fletcher relived the moment those whopping cheques stop coming from their famous husbands, in a recent interview.

Speaking to, the reality vixens admitted that life without those famous perks was a "big adjustment".

"Will had just been sending checks for so long I was hoping he would forget and our son was going to turn eighteen and those checks would keeping rolling in," said Sheree, who has a son with Will Smith.

"So that was a big adjustment... why couldn't he just ween me off it?" she added.

Nicole Murphy described the moment Eddie Murphy withdrew the cheques as: "It's like a slap in the face because there is no house keeper everyday, there is no chef in the kitchen and your like I gotta do this s**t now."

"I was spoiled and I got used to a certain lifestyle. I was living like a queen and you get used a certain lifestyle and things being done for you."

Check out the girls talking about their bump back to reality in the clip below.

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