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Nicki Minaj's Fan Attacked By Entourage After Jumping On Stage

Watch the footage here...


Nicki Minaj's Fan Attacked By Entourage After Jumping On Stage

Photo: Johnny Louis/

An avid fan of Nicki Minaj was removed from the stage at her Miami show this week when he tried to grab the rapper.

The 'Pound The Alarm' hitmaker was performing the show as part of her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded tour wearing a super tight catsuit that had her curves on full display. The sight of Nicki's curvaceous derriere was clearly too much for one fan who decided to jump up on stage and grab the star for a hug.

Footage of the incident shows the excited male fan run onto the stage and wrap his hands around a startled Nicki, before being wrestled off the stage by her burly security. Some members of her entourage were quick to jump in and can be seen kicking and pushing the fan, before some of his friends from the crowd run onto the stage after him to ensure he doesn't get hurt.

Nicki didn't seem too phased by the incident and laughed it off before making a joke with the audience.

Check out the footage below...


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