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Calvin Harris Admits He Turned Down Rihanna's Request To 'Hang Out!'

Is he mad?

By Shanelle Hamilton on Friday 27th July 2012 Photo by WENN.com

Music producer Calvin Harris has revealed that he turned down Rihanna’s requests to hang out together.

The music producer got close to the Bajan beauty after working with her on the club banger 'We Found Love.'

Speaking to Q magazine, he revealed that RiRi was eager to get to get to know him and invited him to hang out in her dressing room - but his intimidation got the better of him.

"I'm really awkward around her," he admitted.

"She's tried. She's like, 'Yeah, come on and hang out in my dressing room.'"

"I'm like, 'Arrrgh!' I mean, what do I say to Rihanna?  There's nothing! She's great, she's well friendly, she's nice, I see that. But? I can't."

We can only image what men dying to be in the same position must be calling you under their breath, Calvin!

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